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This booklet is designed to help you with your Leaving Certificate Chemistry revision. As a unique revision tool, all of the main learning outcomes from each section of the Leaving Certificate Chemistry course are presented in the form of questions, to help you to produce your own revision notes.

Once you have answered each question once, you can then continue to use this booklet as a revision aid. An idea might be to place a tick beside each answer box every time that you revise a particular question. This should help you to keep track of your revision progress.

This booklet is a condensed version of the Chemistry course, and reading of your class notes and textbook, along with practice of past exam questions, is recommended. The emphasis of this booklet is on the recall of fact-based information and definitions. Some, but not all, calculations on the course are included, so you should use other sources to get enough practice of these.

Overall, it is hoped that this booklet will help with your revision, and that it could be particularly useful as a shortened version of your notes that you can look over immediately prior to exams.

Leaving Cert Chemistry Revision Booklet

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