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This booklet is designed to help you with your Junior Cycle Science revision. The main learning outcomes from each of the four sections of the course (earth and space, chemical world, physical world and biological world) are presented in the form of several questions, to help you to produce your own revision notes.


Once you have answered each question once, you can then continue to use this booklet as a revision aid. An idea might be to place a tick beside each answer box every time that you revise a particular question. This should help you to keep track of your revision progress. A checklist is also provided for the “nature of science” section of the course.

It is important to note that the emphasis of the new Junior Cycle Science course is not on the ability to learn and to regurgitate facts. A certain amount of fact-based knowledge is required, and this booklet aims to help with that. However, you should also aim to practice the skills from the “nature of science” section, including drawing graphs, analysing data, evaluating sources of information, and presenting your own research findings, among others.

Overall, it is hoped that this booklet will help with your revision, and that it could be particularly useful as a shortened version of your notes that you can look over immediately prior to exams.

Junior Cycle Science Revision Booklet

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